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Can You Re-heat Pork?

Posted in : Nutrition on by : Jo Macdonald

One of the most frequently asked question by food lovers is whether pork can be reheated, and if so, how can it be done the right way. This is an important question as not following the correct procedure can cause serious gastric problems.

First, you should always properly cover and preserve the pork well. You can do this by keeping it in a refrigerator and covering it tightly. It is very important to preserve food well, in order to prevent bacteria and another harmful fungus from growing on or around the meat. This will prevent you from experiencing food poisoning and gastric illness.

Secondly, before you choose the method used in re-heating the pork (see below), you should be mindful that no matter which method you use, it must be done at the right temperature.  This is the most critical  factor when it comes to re-heating pork, and getting this wrong can cause serious health concerns. Reheating at the wrong temperature can lead to a condition called trichinosis, which can occur when consuming raw or undercooked meat.  This is avoidable by heating pork with the right temperature.

Thirdly, you need to select a re-heating method:

Microwave – This is the fastest way to re-heat pork, the microwave should be set on medium and be checked every 3 minutes to gauge its warmth and also to prevent it from drying. It’s also very important to use a microwave-safe dish or containers with lid; this will help tap the heat and ensure the juiciness is retained.

Oven – Reheating pork using this method is the most efficient way to keep the moisture and texture of the meat. To follow this method, pre-heat the oven to a moderate temperature preferably between 350 – 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure to cover with a lid or with foil to prevent it from drying out.

The most important advice regarding temperature is if its not piping hot when it comes out, then you’ve not warmed it long enough or at an adequate temperature..

Now that you know the proper way to reheat pork, you can go ahead and enjoy!